3 ways to enhance your Online Services

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This strange season isn’t just shifting things around with churches for a brief period, it’s going to change (in great ways) how we gather with our congregations – how we communicate information – and how we engage digitally.

Here are 3 quick ideas for how to further engage with your congregation digitally during this time & beyond.


Digital Welcome Center

In our buildings, the welcome center is the go-to place for visitors to find more information and speak to a friendly face. Incorporating this connection point for visitors is an important step, and there are many ways to accomplish this! It would be staffed by one of your best that can field questions and point them towards resources in the moment. 

1) You can create an open Zoom Room that people can jump in and out of to ask questions. 

2) We can add Live Chat to your website, managed by one of your staff. 


Digital Welcome Guide  

The next piece is the welcome guide! It’s always nice to leave with something in your hands to read over more after you leave. We could create a new, all-inclusive Interactive Digital Welcome Guide on your website. Making it easy for online guests to get aquainted quickly, see announcements for the week, important updates, learn about childrens/youth/adult ministries, ways to get involved, joining a digital small group, how to sign up for a digital welcome center, ways to serve, contact information. We would also create a PDF version of this same information that they could click on to download. 


Text Messaging Participation

Think of utilizing one of those “Text HELLO to 55555” numbers as a digital handshake or passing out welcome packets to someone who raises their hands that they’re visiting! 

“If your visiting with us text WELCOME to 55555″ 

“If you want prayer right now, text PRAYER to 55555″

“For today’s notes, text NOTES to 55555″


Get creative on how you can incorporate actions into the Sunday Service! 

We’re here to help! If you need a strategy call, consultation, or just want us to do it for you, we’re ready to help serve you!



Ways are available for consultation and strategy: 

  • Equipping you with how to stream
  • How to Build a Digital Community
  • How to engage with your community
  • How to develop resources for your small groups & congregation

Things we can help with or do for you:

  • Setting up your online tithing system

  • Help get your services on Youtube, Facebook, and other streaming services

  • Incorporate Live Streaming to your website

  • Social Media Images

  • Setting up Facebook Community Pages

  • Create an extensive community center directly on the backend of your website

  • Add a place on your site to post needs

  • Build resources for your staff or congregation for social engagement

  • Creating weekly guides for your small groups

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