designed for churches
& ministries

Our goal is to meet the media, graphic and website design needs of churches and ministries to better reach a world in need of Jesus. We hope to find creative ways to serve you through consultation, structuring payments and sponsors as they are available. We would love to set up a time to discuss, consult and pray through how we can serve you!

epic church & ministry design

We’re passionate for Jesus and have a deep love for His church. That’s what drives us to seek partnerships with life-giving churches that are reaching, loving and serving their cities. We’re not just creatives. We have been and are on staff at churches, held leadership positions, helped launch ministries, plant churches, stack chairs, count tithe, run projection, serve on the worship team… you name it! We know the ins and outs of what it takes to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work at our own local churches, and we would love to help serve you with your graphic, digital and web development needs!

sermon graphics

For over 10 years we’ve been providing churches with background slides, title slides, print materials, and bulletins, all branded by their current sermon series. We’ve worked with all kinds of churches and teams in all sorts of ways. A majority of our church partners send us their title and key passage and ask us to do all of the creative work. Other congregations have creative teams that meet and give us instructions for how they would like their sermon graphics to look when we’re finished. Both are great approaches! We’re just here to serve you the way that fits you best! Whether you have a very clear picture of what you want it to look like or just have a title, we run with it from there and visually bring your sermon to life.

29 Million non-church goers visit church websites every year…

We can help you reach them through content organization, powerful SEO tools and creative web design!
We know the ins and outs of what it takes to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work at our own local churches, and we would love to help serve you with your graphic, digital and web development needs!

YOU decide how to manage your content

Epic Designs for Hand-Off

Once we finish the website and launch, we teach your staff how to manage the website. We will walk you through how to manage the site step-by-step via video conference with documentation and tech support to answer questions.

Shared Website Management

Once we finish your church website and launch, you let us know what parts of the site you want us to manage, and what parts you want to manage. For example, some clients choose to update the events calendar and ministry pages, but would like for us to manage the updating of the sermon graphics and podcasts on the website.

Epic Website Management

Once we finish designing your church website and launch, we maintain your stream of content, updating pages, calendars, graphics, and directories as needed. This process works best when someone on your staff serves as our point person in sharing communicating new events, requests, and updates.

epic branding

Great branding for your church or ministry is so much more than just an icon or font treatment. It’s the world’s first glance at who you are. Everything speaks to your visually overstimulated audience, from the color of your imagery to the tone of your voice. Messaging goes beyond the words you speak. Every day we ingest thousands of visual stories. We work hard to make sure yours is digested well. Our experts fine-tune every curve of your branding, carefully pairing colors and photography to say exactly what it is that you intend to say.

We have a 4 stage process in developing your new identity:

stage 1 // study up

We want to make sure we know your audience. We’ve been working with churches and ministries for over a decade. Prior to that, we’ve grown up in the church and are a part of it. We go the extra mile. We study up on who you are, your location and trends from your surrounding areas by doing an area trend study or a much deeper demographic study.

stage 2 // let it simmer

Next, we let the studies we’ve conducted marinate. We don’t want to just jump straight in. We want to review the reports and let the creativity start flowing. We typically make dozens of potential logos before we prep to show you only the top selections we feel fit you and your demographics best.

stage 3 // present & refine

Get ready for the ride! Most often people pick from the very first round – but either way, we keep working till you feel it fits you perfect. In the first round, we ask for your feedback on what colors, fonts, and icons you like. Then we mix & match and head into round 2 and beyond. Refining all along the way, until we reach the apex of this journey.

stage 4 // finalize & show the world

Our last step is putting the finishing touches on your new identity and prepping files to hand over to you in all the formats you could possibly want! It’s your logo, and we give you full rights to use it however you choose!

We’d love to connect with you!

We love to connect with churches and ministries, helping guide them towards the right choices for their needs.

So there’s no risk, and no sales pitch! We just share with you who we are and how we partner with awesome people like you every day! If it’s not a fit for your needs, we’ll help guide you towards what is and leave you with our recommendation for your next steps. But if it’s a fit, awesome!!