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We cut our teeth on graphic design. It’s where we started and it’s what we love! Whether it’s starting your new brand or creating a booklet for your new event, we’ve got you covered – start to finish.


From the start, our team works with you and your team to craft your new incredible look!


We start simple with a form we've created to help you think about the ins and outs of your new brand or brand update!




We start running right away creating multiple concepts with your brand, mission and demographic in mind.



Then we work with you to find out what you like & don't like. From colors & shapes to fonts and typography placement. 



We get to work running with your loves and hates to refine, refine, refine!



Almost done! Just a few more alterations standing between you and the final product!



We're done! We hand the logo files over to you in .eps, .jpg, & .png for all your branding needs!

Our next steps are up to you!  Typically this includes a full round of web development, print materials, sermon design art, roll-in videos… the works!

Print materials

sermon graphics

For over 10 years we’ve been providing churches with background slides, title slides, print materials, and bulletins, all branded by their current sermon series. We’ve worked with all kinds of churches and teams in all sorts of ways. A majority of our church partners send us their title and key passage and ask us to do all of the creative work. Other congregations have creative teams that meet and give us instructions for how they would like their sermon graphics to look when we’re finished. Both are great approaches! We’re just here to serve you the way that fits you best! Whether you have a very clear picture of what you want it to look like or just have a title, we run with it from there and visually bring your sermon to life.

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