We create websites, build SEO, design for print, digital and social media, and craft new brands for businesses, non-profits, and the church. All with the goal of reaching lives and building communities. Epic Life Creative is a group of creatives, analysts, and specialists who partner with you to share your vision with your community.

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digital marketing

We’re passionate about creating unique and captivating logo’s for our partners that distinguish them, setting them apart from the rest of the pack. But we’ll go even further. We’ll create elegant and cohesively branded materials for your every need. We offer everything from consulting to full service marketing in social media advertising, Google AdWords, location based marketing, branding, and more!

graphic design

Your message is important and needs to be heard! We understand the difficulty of communicating to an ever-changing audience. Thats where we can step in! Our focus is caring about every detail of visually communicating the story your passionate about through graphic and web design. From amazing color palettes to the angle of lettering, we love intricately crafting the details of your logo, sermon graphic, website, bulletin, or business card. At the end of the day, we take joy in knowing we’re producing items that help attract people to what you’re passionate about.

church seo

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search engine optimization

Get found fast. Most people don’t go directly to your website, they search on Google for something related to your business. If you aren’t on the first page of Google search results then you probably aren’t going to get very many visitors. SEO is a strategy to appear higher in relevant search results. SEO is how people find you!


partnering with small businesses, non-profits & the church

We want to do what we do best, so you can be free to do what you do best! Through graphic design and digital marketing, we hope to partner with you to better reach a world in need of Jesus. While we are a digital marketing firm, we hope to help find creative ways to serve you through consultation, structuring payments and sponsors as they’re available. If you or someone you know (churches, ministries, ministerial individuals) is in need of graphic or web design, please contact us.

We’d love to set up a time to discuss, consult and pray through how we can partner together to help serve you!

We’d love to connect with you!

We love to connect with churches and ministries, helping guide them towards the right choices for their needs.

So there’s no risk, and no sales pitch! We just share with you who we are and how we partner with awesome people like you every day! If it’s not a fit for your needs, we’ll help guide you towards what is and leave you with our recommendation for your next steps. But if it’s a fit, awesome!!