Tranquil image symbolizing peace for 2023 Advent, featuring a dove, an olive branch, and a serene winter landscape

Advent 2023 – The Gift of Peace

In the quiet hush of the second week of 2023 Advent, we turn our hearts to contemplate the gift of peace. C.S. Lewis once mused, “God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.” This Advent, as we explore the theme of peace, we seek not just the stillness of our surroundings but the deeper peace that comes from God.

Biblical Perspectives on Peace

The Bible, our timeless guide, speaks of peace in many hues – from the tranquil waters of Psalm 23 to the powerful promise of a Prince of Peace in Isaiah. This prophetic peace transcends mere absence of conflict; it speaks of a kingdom marked by justice and harmony. Lewis, in his explorations of faith, often reflected on such scriptural peace. He saw it as a profound reality, a restoration of order in our relationship with God and with each other.

Peace in Our Times

Today, in the year 2023, the pursuit of peace is as relevant as ever. Our world, much like in Lewis’s time, is rife with turmoil and discord. Yet, the Advent message of peace remains a beacon of hope. Lewis, who lived through tumultuous times, understood that true peace was more than a worldly ideal; it was a state of being grounded in the divine. This Advent, we are invited to find our peace not in the changing tides of the world but in the unchanging nature of God’s promise.

Cultivating Peace During Advent

But how can we, in our daily lives, cultivate this Advent peace? Lewis offers guidance in his writings, suggesting that peace begins within. It grows through our prayers, our quiet moments of meditation, and our deliberate acts of kindness and reconciliation. In lighting the second candle of Advent, let it symbolize our commitment to peace – a peace that starts in our hearts and extends to our homes, communities, and the world. Let this season be a time where we actively seek and foster peace, following the example of the Prince of Peace.

Reflecting on Peace

In the thoughtful manner of C.S. Lewis, let’s ponder: What does the peace of Advent mean to you in this year of 2023?

How can we be agents of peace in our own circles?

As we progress through this Advent, let’s remember that the themes of Joy and Love are intricately connected to our experience of peace. They are not just sequential observances but intertwined facets of our Advent journey.

The Gift of Peace: Conclusion

To conclude, let us draw from Lewis’s wisdom: “Being in Christ means…a profound peace, a sense of having finally arrived.” This Advent, as we reflect on the theme of peace, let us seek that profound peace that Christ offers – a peace that is not dependent on our circumstances but rooted in our relationship with the Divine. May your 2023 Advent journey be marked by this deep, abiding peace.

How have you experienced or shared peace in this season? Let’s collectively discover the richness of Advent peace.

Tranquil image symbolizing peace for 2023 Advent, featuring a dove, an olive branch, and a serene winter landscape


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