who is epic?

We’re passionate about serving our partners quickly & efficiently with high-end design.

Our team wears lots of hats as we tackle our partners projects and work seamlessly, passing tasks back and forth to ensure an excellent product and to be sure things keep moving quickly. We’d love to help serve you too! 

our values


Every partner has a unique story and vision. We enjoy in engaging with our clients to ensure they get a result catered just to them.


We focus on what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best. In the end, it makes us both look smarter.


We’re already passionate about the church on a local level. Because of that, it bleeds into our work for Kingdom focused partners.


We work hard at streamlining our team and the way we work for you. You can rest well knowing we care about your deadlines as much as you do.

we seek to serve

Our goal is to meet your needs through true partnership that goes beyond a typical business approach.


We think outside of the norm to ensure that your brand is remembered for all the right reasons. We’ll work hard as your visually-creative ambassador.


As we bill everything hourly, our partners have access to our click-ins for their projects. 12 minutes is 12 minutes, not 15 minutes.

box destroyers

We hate boxes and try to break away from norms and forge to find the best ways to communicate your message to your active audience.

we create a visual impact that strengthens your message and shares your story

the EPIC team

We’re passionate for Jesus and a deep love for His church. That’s what drives us to seek after partnerships with life-giving churches, non-profits and missional businesses that are reaching, loving and serving their cities. We’re not just designers. We have been and are on staff at churches, held leadership positions, helped launch ministries, plant churches, stack chairs, count tithe, run projection, serve on the worship team, you name it.

We know the ins and outs of what it takes to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work at our own local churches, and we would love to help serve you with your graphic, digital and web development needs!

We’d love to connect with you!

We love to connect with churches and ministries, helping guide them towards the right choices for their needs.

So there’s no risk, and no sales pitch! We just share with you who we are and how we partner with awesome people like you every day! If it’s not a fit for your needs, we’ll help guide you towards what is and leave you with our recommendation for your next steps. But if it’s a fit, awesome!!