We can help your church engage digitally with your community!

It’s crazy watching what all is going on – but we are filled with an awesome peace that Jesus gives us. We’re praying for you right now First, that you, your family, your entire church family stays safe and healthy. Second, that you would be filled with wisdom on how to stay connected as a community and how to communicate during this quickly digital time.

Please read: We want to know what you are needing. Not just the normal stuff we help with, but across the board. 

We’re going to be writing a lot throughout this – encouragement, resources for churches, stories of hope – and knowing where your needs are will help us in curating and creating the kinds of information we need to be gathering to get into the hands of as many people as we can.

What are the gaps you’ve seen that you need help with? We’d love to know what you’re needing whether we can help or not.

There are ALSO lots of things we CAN do to help you if you need us in this time of Digital Gatherings – whether it is short term or long term – We can help.

Ways are available for consultation and strategy: 

  • Equipping you with how to stream
  • How to Build a Digital Community
  • How to engage with your community
  • How to develop resources for your small groups & congregation

Things we can help with or do for you:

  • Setting up your online tithing system
  • Help get your services on Youtube, Facebook, and other streaming services
  • Incorporate Live Streaming to your website
  • Social Media Images
  • Setting up Facebook Community Pages
  • Create an extensive community center directly on the backend of your website
  • Add a place on your site to post needs
  • Build resources for your staff or congregation for social engagement
  • Creating weekly guides for your small groups

Here are just a couple of ideas to foster Community:

  • If your church is serving others in the area, getting groceries/medications, create Postcard to leave with those you’re serving inviting them to your online services or have a message of hope from your pastor.
  • Send out a small gift like a coffee mug, something they will use during this time at home to remind them of their loving community that is still very present.


We would like to start curating content for churches and ministries to share with their communities during this time. Is there any content you have written that you would like to share with other pastors who are in your shoes?


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