Prayer and Fasting all across the state!


From the Awaken website: Throughout the month of prayer and fasting, followers of Jesus from hundreds of churches will gather to worship and pray 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in prayer rooms hosted by various churches across the city. Times, locations, and details can be found below.






Mon, Jan 27Aspen Grove Christian Church274 Mallory Station Rd (map)7am–7am
Tues, Jan 28The Donelson Fellowship3210 McGavock Pike (map)7am–7am
Wed, Jan 29Bud Ministries & Delight MinistriesTBD7am–7am
Thurs, Jan 30Brentwood Hills5120 Franklin Pike (map)7am–7am
Fri, Jan 31
1419 Clinton St (map)7am–7am
Sat, Feb 1
2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Sun, Feb 2
2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Mon, Feb 3
Harpeth Christian1101 Gardner Dr (map)7am–7am
Tues, Feb 4
Church at Indian Lake1004 Drakes Creek Rd (map)7am–7am
Wed, Feb 5
Faith Life Church215 Bellevue Rd (map)7am–7am
Thurs, Feb 6One Stone & NHOP1101 Stainback Ave (map)7am–7am
Fri, Feb 7
Ethos Church2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Sat, Feb 8Church at Woodbine29 Whitsett Rd (map)7am–7am
Sun, Feb 9Ethos Church2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Mon, Feb 10
Movement Church
3955 Nolensville Rd (map)
Tues, Feb 11
Crosspoint Church
299 Cowan Street (map)
Wed, Feb 12
828 Murfreesboro Rd (map)
Thurs, Feb 13
Worship City1802 Joseph Hayes Ct (map)7am–7am
Fri, Feb 14
Ethos Church2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Sat, Feb 15Ethos Church2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Sun, Feb 16
Ethos Church2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Mon, Feb 17
Nashville First Baptist108 7th Ave S (map)7am–7am
Tues, Feb 18
Caleb Company3508 Refuge Trail (map)7am–7am
Wed, Feb 19
510 Woodland St (map)
Thurs, Feb 20
1949 Old Hickory Blvd (map)7am–7am
Fri, Feb 21Ethos Church2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Sat, Feb 22Ethos Church2301 8th Ave South (map)7am–7am
Sun, Feb 23New Song316 Southgate Court (map)7am–7am

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