Awaken Nashville continues in 2020!

In 2018 we began our partnership with Awaken Nashville with Dave Clayton of Ethos Church and Onward Church Planting. Awaken is a city-wide movement of prayer and fasting focused on unifying the church to strategically pray for and bless the city, one person at a time.

Awaken Nashville officially launched in 2019 through the vision and leadership of Dave Clayton and Ethos Church. The Awaken movement spread very quickly! Many churches across denominations unified to set aside one month to pray and fast for every person in the city. In the first year, over 300 churches in Nashville participated and thousands prayed and fasted for people that they didn’t know.

In 2020, the movement that began in Nashville is going global. On January 26, over 500 churches across 11 states and 3 countries will join together and begin praying, fasting, and blessing their neighbors for one month. Even more, people will be reached this year. Each participant will pray for and reach out to 8 individuals that God has placed in their lives already. During the month, 24-hour prayer rooms will be hosted around the city. Awaken Nashville will conclude February 23rd with a night of baptism and worship.

In Nashville, Awaken will commence with a church-wide prayer and worship gathering at the Ryman Auditorium. The Ryman was once called the Union Gospel Tabernacle and held revival meetings; now it is also referred to as the “Mother Church”. I wonder at the significance of that for this movement. Nashville has deep wells of prayer and revival. How exciting to think that Awaken could be a direct result of prayers being answered that were prayed over a hundred years ago! We’re about to see something incredible that the Lord has been planning for a long time. What a privilege that we get to partner with Him in this exciting time.


If you live in Nashville or any surrounding area and want to participate, visit as well as we will also be posting more information here over the next few weeks!


Our journey with Awaken began late in 2018 we were brought in as a small part of launching into a dream to see the church of Nashville come together in prayer and fasting, covering our city in prayer and praying for each individual by name. It seemed huge, impossible, and in so many ways it was. Luckily, Dave had assembled a team of dreamers and doers that hither ground running. It was an exhausting, fast-paced sprint, but it happened! Somehow, the Lord took a rag-tag group of individuals and began to sew something refreshing into our city.

We’ve been honored to be just a small part of the Awaken movement through graphic and web development. Each year we’ve created a handful of pieces that have gone out to hundreds of churches and thousands of individuals joining together to pray and fast. It’s hard to imagine that a postcard that we designed went into the hands of millions of people, we are deeply honored and humbled to participate with this incredible and historic time in Nashville’s history.

To learn more, visit and take a look at the news story that aired last year on Channel 5! You’ll see some of how we were able to participate!

Here's some of what we helped with!


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