Invoicing Made Beautiful.

As creatives ourselves, we’re pumped to share a new, custom-design invoice system that not only syncs with QuickBooks but also has a gorgeous and seamless interface, the ability to sign e-contracts and even leave a tip! Enter, inly. With over 2,500 entrepreneurs currently using the platform, they’re spearheading the art (quite literally) of invoicing in […]

So glad We used Google! We almost got caught in a scam loop!

The other day I started a correspondence from an inquiry and got 4 emails into the request before googling the email address. So glad I googled, I almost got caught in a scam loop! I found a slew of people reporting this scam that almost tripped me up! As a freelance designer or small business […]

Color Trends: 2018, The Future Is BRIGHT!

“Colors, like features, follow the chain of emotions.” – Pablo Picasso We may not be able to discern how color affects us, but it’s something that has a profound impact on us every day. Oscar Wilde famously said color can “speak to your soul in a thousand different ways.” Think about it. Loud neons evoke […]

Get Your Creativity Running Again!

It’s estimated that Pablo Picasso created over 50,000 paintings.  50,000. 50,000.  Should I write it out one more time? He was someone with a unique perspective that transformed the art world, but it was mostly his passion to create that probably fueled all the ideas he had.  By no means did he stay in one […]

Fighting the Urge to Just Shine

It’s easy and we all do it. We want to shine, to be the center of attention and we want people to take note of who we are. But, how does this line up with our deepest and most true purpose?

You Are Valuable: lessons for the creative or free-lancer

This could be written in so many ways that are deep in my heart, but for the context of this article I’ll be focusing on your value as a creative and your purpose to serve. That being said, our ultimate and primary value was deposited in us and breathed to life by God and through […]