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New Year’s Day is a time of changes, resolutions, reminders, and football. At Epic Life Creative we have almost all of those things! According to top scientists, 2016 was “bonkers” in a lot of different ways. For us, that meant growth, new friends, new tools, and a growing love for our job. And that includes the people who work with us, the people we do work for, and YOU!

This year we have 2 resolutions. The 1st one is to diet and exercise (c’mon, we’re only human). The 2nd is to be better at making your digital presence better. And in order to do that we are going to have a couple of new things coming in 2017 that we are very excited about. The first is that we are finally going to start blogging a little more regularly. Last year we put out a not-so-prolific 4 blog posts. This year we are aiming to beat that record by February. You will still see the inspirational and personal blog posts that you and our moms have come to love, but you will also find tips, interviews, tools, and how-tos to keep doing what you do.

And speaking of tips, tools, and all that, we will also be featuring some brand new freebies this year! But not just any freebies, I’m talking freebies that will include video backgrounds. These can be used for church sermons, song lyric backgrounds, or even your own website. And they will be totally yours to do whatever you want with. Of course, we will be announcing them as they are posted right here in the blog and on our social media channels, but if you want the early inside scoop you can sign up for our…

Newsletter! Just to make it easier to find out when our latest blog or freebies go up, we are finally getting serious about our newsletter so don’t forget to sign up and stay in the loop. In addition to sharing our own content, we are hoping to share some of the best ideas, tips, and examples from around the industry to keep you in the loop and educated with best practices and inspirational ideas to keep your juices flowing. We think 2017 is going to be a great year for you too!

We are proud some exciting new services. One of the biggest areas of growth this year (along with much of the web) has been in the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and we are happy to announce that we are now offering Denominational SEO. This is enterprise level SEO for churches, non-profit organizations, NGOs, and even missions agencies. Of course, we are keeping our small and mid-sized businesses and churches up to date with technical SEO, content marketing SEO, and link building. So now we have you covered no matter if you are a small country baptist church or the Southern Baptist Convention we can get you found and ahead of Google’s constantly changing algorithms. We are going to doing interviews with incredible brains from around the industry both in our weekly (yeah, I said weekly) blog, and in our monthly (at the minimum!) podcast.

So here is to hoping that 2017 is bonkers in a great way! This blog is for all of you who are planning on hustling this year, on growing, getting knocked down, and getting back up again. 2017 is going to be your year and we want to be a part of what you’ve got going on.

Our desire is to go where God is moving, and to be involved in what God is doing. We see what you’ve got going on and we want it!

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