Dreaming Takes HARD Work

So many times dreamers get a bad wrap! It’s kinda sad. Dreamers are known as lazy and apathetic or even worse, as people who go nowhere in life. People constantly spinning their wheels but going no where. Well, I guess unfortunately, that can be true sometimes.

BUT, not always! So how do dreamers get over the nasty stereotype that we can sink into? I’ll give you a few key points that have helped me along the way, but know… it takes hard work!

1) Praying about is something to really consider.

Not every idea is a winner! Sorry, it’s just true. I have had more dreams than there are stars. Not really, but it feels that way. It’s taken strategy to have anything that has grown into more than just an idea. I’ll be honest. I’m smart, but not the most brilliant. But, I do know that when we pray and ask for direction, God is faithful to lead us!

2) Share your dream with motivators.

When dreamers dream together, I agree… it can tend to go no where. Don’t get me wrong, dreaming with dreamers can spin off into amazing possibilities of ideas, concepts and inventions. But this post isn’t about dreaming, it’s about the hard work it takes to make a dream grow into something that amounts to something.

We need motivators around us! People that encourage us to pursue, stir us up to do more. Go further. Work harder. We need people to encourage us. To pull us into reality and to bounce ideas off of and think practical.

Practical doesn’t mean, “Be practical, give up”! which… may be a lot of what you’ve heard. Practical means, “the steps can be taken”. Which leads to the next step.

3) Fail a little bit.

This is a REALLY important step! Believe it or not, failure is an important part of the process. By failing, we know our limits, we learn what we excel in and we get stronger along the way. To insert an analogy, we all know the effort it takes to ride a bike. But how did we learn what it was to balance on two wheels? By learning what it was to NOT balance on two wheels! HA!

Failure can never lead to giving up. Failure must lead to refining and getting stronger.

4) Keep moving forward.

For a dream to even grow into a solid idea, it takes effort. Dreamers that give dreamers a bad wrap are the ones that give up as soon as they hit a road block and move on to the next big dream. Stick to it! If you’ve heard from the Lord to continue on, if you have people in your life encouraging you on, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!


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