COVID-19 doesn’t have to mean the loss of community!

Digital Community?

Community is a game-changer in life! It can make or break the way we live our lives. But, what do you do when there is distance or circumstances that prevent us from gathering the way that we’re used to? How do you stay connected? The Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) is rapidly changing everything about our lives – hopefully just for the short term. It’s completely possible to grow your community deeper without having the face to face contact you may be used to.

I’m writing this during our current Novel Coronavirus-19 circumstances – however, these are lessons I’ve learned over a lifetime of developing friendships from long distances.

A tiny background – for whatever reason, I didn’t fit so well in my home town – I think a lot of people experience this – but I was determined to not be alone. At age 13 I began spending my summers touring with a Christian singing group that was basically a traveling youth group – it was comprised of students 13-18 from all around the United States. It was great! I fit! But, I quickly had to adapt as a 13-year-old to the new friendships that were 2-5 states away from me. This continued into adulthood, building and maintaining what I call Digital Community. Also, I’m a fairly strong Introvert, but I am for sure a Digital Extrovert!

So here we go! Three quick ways to invest in your community digitally, creatively and easily!


Utilize apps and digital communication where you can see each other’s faces. If you’re not a video person, give it a chance – face-to-digital-face contact makes a world of difference when you can’t meet in person.

FaceTime through iPhone, Video calls on Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram, Zoom, GoogleHangouts and MarcoPolo to name a few!

Make it Digi-Ficial!

If you have a group of friends that already meet up regularly or semiregularly, make it Digi-ficial!

Use a FREE app like Marco Polo to create a digital chat that includes your whole friend group. Marco Polo is like a group text thread, except everyone is replying with videos. Also like a text thread, you can catch up and reply to is as you have breaks from work or family.

I’ve been using Marco Polo for quite some time now for many long-distance friends, and just created a group for some of my Social-Distance friends and it’s been HUGE! I also created a Prayer Room group.

It’s worth giving it a shot.

Interested in Marco Polo? Get it here!

Downloaded it and dhow you’re confused? Check out this link

Throw a Digital Party!

I’m about host my FIRST of possibly many Digital Parties! Completely online! We’re using ZOOM for a Digital Dinner Party! There will be at least 14 people there for our dinner party with a full fledged costume contest! Should be interesting at least LOL We’ll see how it goes!

Add competitions since everyone will have time to prep these days! Also, since people are lacking personal connection, always leave a little room or ever kick-off the party with everyone saying Hi individually and updating you on how they’re feeling!

So, these days ahead are uncharted for us, but we can do it!

Be Wise, Be Connected, Be Sanitized!


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