Challenge 6: Wrapping up before the new year!

Take a few moments to review what you’ve written out and take a couple more steps!

If you’re able, get out 2 pieces of paper: Write “Moving Forward” at the top of one sheet and “Leaving Behind” at the top of the other.


Challenge 1: Moving Forward by Writing 2014 down

– On the “Moving Forward” sheet, make a list of the positives to keep with you and remember. Since you’ve already written this out – just make a bullet list.


Challenge 2: Forgetting it by Evaluating and Processing

– On the “Leaving Behind” sheet, make a list of what you want to leave behind in 2014 – You’ll be throwing this away at midnight symbolically or literally if you want!

– Add to the “Moving Forward” sheet a list of what you want to take with you into 2015.


 Challenge 3 & 4: Forgiving

– Look back over the names you’ve written down for these challenges. Commit to processing these wounds with someone you trust. If there are people, including yourself, that you have forgiven, think about adding some type of statement to the “Moving Forward” sheet.

“I am moving forward into 2015 choosing to forgive ____ for _____. ” You may want to keep these vague because I encourage you to keep this list with you and refer back to it.


Challenge 5: Remembering it Well!

– If there are important details you want to be sure not to forget, write these down on the “Moving Forward” list.

– Who are the top 6 people who have impacted you for the better this year?

What would it look like to take a few moments to thank these people? It could just be a text, an email, a phone – or maybe coffee or take them out for dinner. The step may be different for each person on the list – But challenge yourself over the course of the next few days to connect with them and let them know or pick a date with them that you will!


Before the new year rings in, spend some time with the Lord in prayer and ask the following questions and write down what He shows you or brings to mind. Have your “Moving Forward” list in front of you and a pen.

Ask the Lord:

– Is there a specific verse or passage from the Bible you want me to focus on in 2015 or over the next few weeks as 2015 begins?

– Are there any words He would give you for this year? (this may be something different for you, but just ask and see! For example – last year in December the Lord told me it would be a year of transition – and MAN it was!)

– How do you want 2015 to be different for me than 2014?

Wherever you are tonight, As the clock counts down take a moment to thank the Lord for 2014 and to feel the expectancy for all He’s going to do in 2015!

It’s our hope and prayer that you’re able to come back to these lessons to continue the process of renewing your mindset and emotions to become more healthy and have the best year ever!

Our suggestion is to rinse and repeat as often as necessary. Go through these challenges out of order if needed and really customize the experience to fit your needs and who you are. Finally, know that you and your story both matter to the world and without either the world would be worse off.

Enjoy the ending of 2014! 2015 is going to be a new and awesome year!!


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