Enhancing Church Online Engagement

Illustration of a contemporary church with a smartphone displaying 'Church Online Engagement'

In today’s digital age, the way churches connect with their congregations has transformed dramatically. With the rise of digital platforms, churches now have the opportunity to reach a broader audience and foster deeper connections. At Epic Life Creative, we recognize the immense potential of online engagement for churches. Through our expertise and passion, we’ve been […]

Hope, Peace & Corona – It is well with my soul

As we face the epidemic with Novel Coronavirus… There is nothing of wisdom that I can offer or insight I can share as to how long things will feel out of sorts as we face this epidemic with Novel Coronavirus (COVID19). But, what I want to share with you, at least in this moment, is something that […]

Free Christmas Screen Savers!

Enjoy these Christmas Freebies and spread the Merriment! We LOVE Christmas, A LOT! So, we’re rolling out posts for the next few weeks to get the awesomeness rolling! Click on any of the images below and it will load in a new window – Save it, Share it, Love it! MERRY CHRISTMS!   Epic Life […]

Desktop Wallpaper: Love. Serve. Build

Here’s a free desktop wallpaper for you to enjoy to remind you of the key actions we should always remember: Love. Serve. Build. It’s the motto of Epic Life Creative and we hope to fulfill that mission every day, on every project, with every client.