Daily Devotionals Made Easy with the Lectio 365 App

a young adult sitting in their living room listening to Lectio 365 daily devotionals in their headphones, epic life creative

Are you looking for daily devotionals that can help you grow spiritually and deepen your relationship with Jesus? Epic Life Creative is excited to introduce you to the Lectio 365 app! This free daily devotional resource, created by 24-7 Prayer International, is designed to help you pray the Bible every day and connect with God […]

Balancing Act: Evangelization vs. Secular Relevance

WALKING ON A WIRE One of the biggest challenges in our calling to spread the Gospel is knowing when to evangelize through words or action. Both, or neither! In our world today, so many are offended by Christianity or any belief that opposes their own. How do we temper bold evangelization with secular relevance? How […]

A Few Brief Thoughts On Hearing From The Lord

This is a shorter post, but one close to my heart so I wanted to share a few thoughts on hearing from the Lord. A few weeks ago, a friend shared with me he felt like it had been so long since he’s heard from the Lord and If I thought it was because of […]