Maximizing ChatGPT: A Guide to Robust and Powerful Output

Using the right prompt for a ChatGPT chatbot is crucial in order to achieve the most accurate and effective results. The prompt serves as a guide for the chatbot, helping it to understand what type of response is expected and shaping the output accordingly. By providing clear and specific prompts, you can help the chatbot […]

Staying Current with 4 Website Trends for Churches in 2023

Keep your church’s website looking current with these 4 upcoming trends! It seems like every day, there’s a new website development trend to keep up with. But as a busy church leader, you might not have time to keep up with every little change in the web world. That’s why we’ve done the research for […]

7 Powerful Church Websites in 2022

1. Life.Church Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, Life.Church has one of the most fun and interactive church websites around. The site features a virtual tour, a blog, and a variety of resources for both members and non-members. Blog Title: A Virtual Tour of Life.Church Blog Introduction: If you’ve ever wanted to check out Life.Church but weren’t […]

Church Web Design: What You REALLY Need to Know

With all the church website builders out there these days, creating your church’s digital presence is becoming easier than ever.  Drag-and-drop elements, no need for a coding background, pre-set templates—these all give you the tools you need for a website both members and non-members of your congregation will enjoy.  But one thing these website builders […]

Email Marketing for Churches – Is It Really Worth It? 

Email marketing for churches is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your congregation throughout the week.    But more than that, it’s also a fantastic way to grow engagement and grow your community. Best of all, it’s an incredibly easy (and cheap) church marketing strategy to get started.    This quick […]

What can I use instead of Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp?

9 Prominent Social Media Platforms in 2021 The world of social media is changing fast.  And it seems like almost every day, there’s a new platform popping up that’s taking the industry by storm.  But which of these platforms is actually here to stay? What makes them different from other social media platforms already out […]

Celebrating Our Pals at ThriftSmart!

Our friends at ThriftSmart are celebrating 15 years of serving the incredible people of Nashville! To continue celebrating their their amazing impact on South Nashville and far beyond, we partnered together to create a 15 Facts for 15 Years infographic. By completely rethinking the possibilities of a thrift store business model, this organization has generated […]

Hello Awesome Designer that LOVES InDesign!

Are you looking for part-time work with a faith-based​ marketing firm? If the answer is yes, then this firm might just be the right opportunity for you. We are an upbeat, faith-based firm that works in print and web development. We Are Specialists: We are seeking a diligent, coachable, and highly motivated individual who has […]

We got voted in the best 24 Advertising Agencies in Nashville!

We’ve been serving the Greater Nashville area for almost 20 years, and even with all the crazy, we’re picking up steam – developing new skills – and stretching to serve our partners in bigger and more robust ways.  We’re honored to be added to Expertise’s list of the top 24 Advertising Agencies in Nashville!  Click […]

Bibles, Cameras & the new RVR60 with Harper Collins

We love partnering with Harper Collins Publishing! Here’s just a few of the images we captured for their latest release of the RVR60 Translation in Spanish!  Heres a little bit about Harper Collins if you’re not familiar!  With nearly 300 years of publishing expertise, HarperCollins Christian Publishing (HCCP) is the leading provider of inspirational content. […]