Best Christmas Designs PART 1: Trends of 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the…year? Seems early perhaps, but ’tis the season for all things Christmas prep, and to kick things off, we’ve curated a selection of our favorite Christmas sermon designs from 2017 – both from our own team as well as others!

Graphic design, and in particular sermon design, is limited in that it’s purely visual; through it, we can’t diffuse the savory aroma of nutmeg or spin the classic holiday carols of yore. So how do we capture the season’s nostalgia, while also directing the eyes of the congregation to the heart of it’s deeper meaning?

Last year’s best Christmas sermon designs spanned the gamut of clean lines, remnants of nature and holiday decor, desk elements and bright gradients. We saw lots of text interlacing with graphics, we saw photographed human attributes such as hands holding objects.

Humanistic and natural elements form a bridge to the minds of viewers, allowing them to virtually touch, feel and imagine themselves in the image. Characteristics of workspaces such as desks, books, or chairs appeal to our desire for a fresh sense of accomplishment and inspiration. Gradients and pops of light-and-dark draw the audience’s eyes to the central theme of the graphic, and interlaced text adds a subtle “wow-factor,” making the statement more artful.

Get in the Christmas spirit while you peruse our selection below, and stay tuned for our prediction about what to look for in 2018!!


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