Community Outreach That Works

Reach exponentially more people. Find those who are actively searching for answers. Train church members to be proactive in sharing the Gospel in a meaningful way.


Build Facebook Groups

Build Community Outreach Site

Create Content

Build Influencer Network

Market Content

Build Your IRL Funnel

Integrate Greeting Center

Leverage Connection Points

Digital evangelism & outreach

Digital evangelism & outreach is not church online and it doesn’t replace the physical gathering of the church. It does help your church learn to navigate the digital divide and reach those in your community who are actively searching for God’s truth by training and equipping those who are called to your community… your members!

Our Digital Evangelism Consulting Package Includes all of the above plus:

  • 10 one hour video conference training sessions
  • Content marketing hub site
  • Church digital communications strategy and audit
  • Member training curriculum

*On-Site Audit and Training Pricing: Call for Pricing or Fill Out The Form Below

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epic church & ministry design

Not only do we have passion for Jesus, but a deep love for his church. That’s what drives us to seek after partnerships with life-giving churches that are reaching, Loving and serving their cities. Also, we’re not just designers. We have been and are on staff at churches, held leadership positions, helped launch ministries, plant churches, stack chairs, count tithe, run projection, serve on the worship team, you name it. We know the ins and outs of what it takes to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work at our own local churches, and we would love to help serve you with your digital and print needs!